New record of Monsonia herrei for Namibia


  • Leevi Nanyeni National Botanical Research Institute, Windhoek, Namibia
  • Tendai M. Nzuma Department of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences, Namibia University of Science and Technology, Namibia



Monsonia herrei;, New record


Background: The southern part of Namibia’s terrain is highly inaccessible making it difficult to explore. Expeditions into difficult terrain can result in new biological discoveries for Namibia. Monsonia herrei has been recorded for South Africa, but has not previously been recorded for Namibia.
Objectives: As part of updating the biodiversity records of Namibia, we report the occurrence of a species not previously recorded for the Namibian flora.
Method: A botanical field trip was undertaken in September 2014 to the far south of Namibia in the Aussenkehr region along the Orange River. Plant identification was carried out based on herbarium vouchers, observation and photographic records. One collection constituted a new record of the species for Namibia. A voucher specimen of this new record was collected and deposited at the National Botanical Research Institute Herbarium (WIND). Plant identification was confirmed by experts on plants from the region.
Results: One species not previously recorded for Namibia, namely Monsonia herrei (L. Bolus) F. Albers, was found during the exploration of the Aussenkehr area.
Conclusions: This new record for Namibia confirms the need to update the inventory of the flora of Namibia.


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Nanyeni, . L. ., & Nzuma, T. M. . (2018). New record of Monsonia herrei for Namibia. Bothalia, African Biodiversity &Amp; Conservation, 48(1). v48i1.2342