Bertiera sinoensis Jongkind (Rubiaceae), a new forest liana from Liberia


  • Carel Jongkind Botanic Garden Meise, Belgium


Bertiera, Africa, tropical forest, conservation


Background: Fieldwork in Liberia in recent years has improved our knowledge of the local endemic species.

Objectives: To describe a new species in Bertiera to accommodate material from the south-east of Liberia that cannot be included in any known species.

Methods: Existing herbarium collections were studied, the new species was studied in the field and the relevant published literature was consulted.

Results: The new species Bertiera sinoensis is described and illustrated here based on six specimens.

Conclusions: The new species adds one more species to the botanical hotspot in south-east Liberia. It is assigned a preliminary conservation status of ‘Endangered’ (IUCN).


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