Nomenclatural adjustments in African plants 3



Taxonomy, Nomenclature


Background: Ongoing systematic studies in the African flora necessitate periodic nomenclatural adjustments and corrections.

Objectives: To effect requisite nomenclatural changes.

Method: Relevant literature was surveyed, and type material was located and examined.

Results: A new combination is published in Dimorphotheca Mairia Vaill. ex Moench (Asteraceae).  Nomenclatural adjustments are provided for five recently described species of Hyacinthaceae in order to accommodate them in alternative classification systems currently in use.

Conclusions: The new combination Dimorphotheca pinnata var. brevis (Norl.) J.C.Manning is made for Osteospermum pinnatum var. breve Norl. Eliokarmos craibii Martínez-Azorín et al. and Nicipe rosulata Martínez-Azorín et al. are transferred to Ornithogalum as Ornithogalum craibii (Martínez-Azorín et al.) J.C.Manning and Ornithogalum rosulatum (Martínez-Azorín et al.) J.C.Manning, respectively; Stellarioides exigua Martínez-Azorín et al. and S. littoralis N.A.Crouch et al. are transferred to Albuca as Albuca exigua (Martínez-Azorín et al.) J.C.Manning and Albuca littoralis (N.A.Crouch et al.) J.C.Manning, respectively, and the genus Desertia Martínez-Azorín et al. is included in Massonia with the new combination Massonia luteovirens (Martínez-Azorín et al.) J.C.Manning.


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